Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In-Boxing Day (ii): The Reindeer Tribe, PC Muñoz, The McDades, Tom Dyer, Ewa Angeli, ROXY ROCA, Swear & Shke

A Great Light - The Reindeer Tribe @ Bandcamp 

PC Muñoz - The Angel Gabriel feat. Dave Worm @ Bandcamp 

Terry McDade & The McDades - Winter Rose / Midwinter / Noel @ Free Radio Records 

Tom Dyer - Xmas​-​30 Years In The Making @ Bandcamp 

Ewa Angeli 


ROXY ROCA - Christmas Without You

Swear and Shake

New Releases: The Oh Hellos, Tangarine, Bad Religion, Los Campesinos!

The Oh Hellos' Family Christmas Album


 Christmas Should Never Be Spent Alone - Tangarine


 Father Christmas - Bad Religion


 A Los Campesinos! Christmas


New Releases: Sam Smith, Tim Angsten, Two Way Light, The Lampshades, J Heinzen

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Sam Smith

 Christmas Kisses (Feat. Nicholle Rae) - Tim Angsten


 You and I This Christmas - Two Way Light


 Holiday Season - The Lampshades

Into Winter Taylor -  J Heinzen

New Releases: A Christmas Collective, Louis Edward Thorne, Hollis and Kris Orlowski, Christopher Lee. We Cut Corners

O Come Let Us Adore: A Christmas Collective


 Acoustic Christmas - Louis Edward Thorne


 Is This Christmas - Hollis and Kris Orlowski

 Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing - Christopher Lee

 Stop the Cavalry - We Cut Corners


Monday, December 8, 2014

New Releases: Annie Haslam, Marillion, The Agency, Jason Manns, Alles ist Liebe (OST)

Snowball -  Annie Haslam


 Carol of the Bells - Marillion


 We All Want Santa  - The Agency


 Christmas With Friends -  Jason Manns


Alles ist Liebe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)