Thursday, February 28, 2008

Off Season Antics

While I remain immersed in Christmas music let's see what's happening at your favorite yuletide blogs now that Easter is on the horizon...

A Christmas Yuleblog is keeping the holiday spirit alive with an updated blogroll and new Christmas CD reviews (including the Hoff!)

Big Rock Candy Mountain keeps the music coming all year long. If you liked their Christmas selections you'll love the whole rest of the year.

bongobells - has recently shared two more holiday releases!

Children's Records and More keeps offering amazing pop culture gems and now offers a year round Christmas blog here!

Dartman's World of Wonder has the second absolutely nifty edition of it's new podcast up!

Ernie (Not Bert) offers stunning photography and whimsical vintage LP doodles year round.

Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else continues to stun and amaze with his eclectic offerings of rare vinyl goodness.

The Tuna Melt offers lots of cool shares in a wide range of genres.

Big Balls of Holly has a new Christmas share up.