Thursday, August 14, 2008

It’s A Fanboy Christmas II: The Wrath of Claus

You Sound Like a Robot is holding a contest to win a free copy of The Great Luke Ski's latest filk* CD, "Baconspiracy". As an added bonus you can also grab a couple of tracks from the disc including the holiday themed "It’s A Fanboy Christmas II: The Wrath of Claus"!

* Filk? You may well ask... there are, apparently, loads of slightly competing definitions but here, courtesy of Debbie's Filk FAQ is one I think is pretty good:
Gary McGath: “Filk music is a musical movement among fans of science fiction and fantasy fandom and closely related activities, emphasizing content which is related to the genre or its fans, and promoting broad participation. Filkers are people who participate in this movement.”