Thursday, December 11, 2008

Morning Linktopia

Aristokittens_07 (by senses working overtime)

The 2008 Romantic Air Recording Company Holiday Sampler album

Christmas in The World of Wonder: Christmas Mix #2

Ernie (Not Bert) shares The Holiday Bells-Ring The Bells On Christmas Day & Robert John Carwithen-The Bells On Christmas Morn

bongobells' Jazz! Christmas

White Christmas - The Love Language

Twelve Months of Christmas Podcast #3: The My Space Episode

The Five Best '80s Christmas Songs @ Rocks Off

Six different (Swedish) versions of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
@ Jul igen

A Claymation Christmas Celebration remembered @ Kindertrauma

The Yulies: Celebrating the Christmas TV-movie genre @ EW

Out on Blue six presents "Is This Christmas?

Here Come Sandy Claws
& Never Mind The Baubles @ Planet Mondo

Two Weeks 'til Chrismas? Oh My Damn! @ Pretty Much Amazing

Christmas Music For People That Hate Christmas Music @ Kata Rokkar

The Gang - All I Want For Christmas Is You @ The Music Slut

More Walt Kelly Christmas Cuteness @ Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine

Sammy Davis Jr. Christmas Ads
@ The Dino Lounge plus Have Yourself a Sammy, Jr. Xmas & Dean Martin Christmas Special in 1977 @ Celluloid Slammer

Disney Christmas Cartoons @ Me and You and a Blog Named Boo

The Jack Smith-Margaret Whiting Show - Christmas Seals 1951 & Salvation Army at Christmas 1949 @ rands esoteric otr

The Christmas Tree Crib Sheet: How To Pick, Set up, and Care For Your Tree @ The Art of Manliness

Use your Management Skills to Build a Stress-Free Christmas @ Dumb Little Man plus How To Avoid That Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

8 Truly Strange Christmas Customs
@ Mental Floss

The not so cheerful… 12 Scams of Christmas @ McAffee

Holidays inspiration links and reminders
@ Dabbled