Friday, May 22, 2009

Variety: ABC unwraps Disney toon for X-Mas

ABC unwraps Disney toon for X-Mas
Dave Foley voices elf in 2009 holiday special

'Prep and Landing'
ABC has picked up Disney Animation's holiday spec 'Prep and Landing,' about a team of elite elves who prepare houses for Santa's arrival.

ABC has picked up the holiday special "Prep and Landing," the net's first program from sister Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Half-hour animated event revolves around an elite elves unit -- known as Prep and Landing -- that makes sure homes are ready for Santa's visit. Story centers on an elf (Dave Foley) who thinks he's about to get a promotion -- but instead is paired with a new recruit (Derek Richardson). The duo then go on their Christmas Eve mission, where they encounter unexpected challenges.

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