Monday, October 19, 2009

Coming Soon: The Christmas TV Companion by Joanna Wilson

The Christmas TV Companion  FC (by senses working overtime)
The Christmas TV Companion
A Guide to Cult Classics, Strange Specials & Outrageous Oddities
by Joanna Wilson

Rick Goldschmidt posted about this upcoming guide to Yuletide TV over at his marvelous Rankin/Bass blog. This is the sort of book I live for and I'm already waiting impatiently for it's November 10th release. The only downside with these sorts of guides is the inevitably created unquenchable thirst to see all the obscure and hard to find goodies so lovingly detailed within. Oh well, a small price to pay...

Here's what the publishers say about the book:
Christmas on TV is wilder, weirder, & more wondrous than you think! The Christmas TV Companion is a funny, engaging look beyond the same Christmas specials that air every year to the cult TV rarities, over-the-top
made for TV holiday specials & bizarre, spacey shows that truly expand the notion of “Christmas spirit.” Loaded with pop culture references, this book is sure to please pop aficionados & TV junkies of all stripes. Its remarkable breadth of content covers the far-out gems of yesterday, as well as the irreverent & cutting edge Christmas material of today, from Arthur C. Clarke to South Park, and from Ed Sullivan to Squidbillies. This guide also contains practical examples for enhancing your own Christmas TV viewing.

Visit 1701 Press and/or the book's Facebook page for more info