Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Christmas Carol "Radio Drama" x 2 (Kickstarter Project)

While I love the idea of a new version of A Christmas Carol I think the BBC, among others, might disagree about any post-1937 dry spell. I also wish they had a couple of less costly pledge options, as it is I doubt I'll be going in on it at this time, though I do wish them luck and hope they secure their funding.so I can buy a copy come Christmas.

Produced by a Creator and Producer of the number one contemporary radio drama in the world, “We're Alive,” (www.zombiepodcast.com), will be the Radio Drama version of Charles Dickens beloved “A Christmas Carol,” the last radio version having been recorded live in 1937.

This will include a full cast, sound effects and music.

Blackstone Audio, (www.blackstoneaudio.com) has already agreed to the distribution world wide for both an English and a Spanish Version largely due to the Star Cast with verbal conformations, including Neil Flynn (The Janitor from Scrubs) Bob Bergen (Voice of Porky Pig) and Maurice LaMarche (Voice of Brain from “Pinky and the Brain”) to name just a few.