Monday, October 24, 2011

1003 posts and counting...


I've been under the weather lately, so much so that I totally missed the fact that I'd reached, and now exceeded by three, the thousandth post mark here at this incarnation of my Christmas blog. The actual number of holiday related posts I've blogged is substntially higher when you figure in the years I ran the original  Senses Working Overtime (and not even counting my years as an online columnist, DVD reviewer or freelance copywriter).

You can find all 1002 previous posts in our archives,  and there's a lot of really neat stuff there, I was surprised, during a recent perusal, at just how many links from the past are still active. You'll find the archive links towards the bottom of the page on the right sidebar. You can also find old posts using the blogger search box in the upper left corner or any of our tags,though to be candid, tagging isn't my strong suit.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank all the writers, artists, musicians, collectors, and other holiday content providers who have made this blog possible. Santas Working Overtime was born of my own obsession with tracking down all the amazing goodies that are shared on the web each festive season and my assumption that if I was interested in this stuff there must be at least a few other like minded folk who would appreciate a bit of help tracking down all those holiday treats. Hopefully this site has helped readers to find lots of holiday fun and good cheer, but in the end it's the people I link to who deserve all the credit and make all our seasons a little bit brighter. Thanks!


If you really want to did deep in the archives check out some Christmas posts from my old blog Senses Working Overtime