Friday, November 4, 2011

Kringle's Capsule Reviews presents Kringle's Choice: Best of this week's new releases



Review Proof

Justin Bieber - Under the Mistletoe

I don't think I've ever voluntarily listened to a Justin Bieber song, not because I hate his music or resent his meteoric rise to popstardom but becuase I'm about 30 years and a Y chromosome removed from his target demographic. That said I was pleasantly surprised with the general listen-ability of the first few tracks. It certainly helped that there seems to be a surprisingly transparent policy of musical "borrowing" in play (and if I can hear it I bet there are a bunch of music industry lawyers out there who can too). There's a bunch of high profile guests cashing a paycheck here but I'd much rather listen to a Boyz II Men or The Band Perry holiday album than thier contributions here. 

So, Under the Mistletoe is slick and superficial and exactly what this sort of pre-processed Tiger Beat cheese is supposed to be. After all, if I can still listen to my Partridge Family and Brady Bunch Christmas albums who am I to criticize today's teenybopper flavor of the month. Plus he's tying a whole bunch of charitable activity to the album so his heart seems to be in the right place.

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Highly Recommended

Meaghan Smith - It Snowed

Charming indie chanteasue Smith's whimsical holiday pop has a  lovely vintage feeling without resorting to kitsch or irony. Great stuff!

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Libera - The Christmas Album

Lovely Classical Crossover stuff from the popular, and non-profit,London based Choirboy collective.

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Carole King - A Holiday Carole

A welcome, if occasionally uneven, collection of holiday favorites from the legandary singer-songstress. Her album opening take on the quasi-Christmas classic My Favorite Things is my new favorite version but it's followed up by an oddly frantic Carol of the Bells and a  generic yet strained Sleigh Ride. Imperfections aside A Holiday Carole is still  a welcome addition to any classic pop fan's seasonal collection.

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The Sing Off - Songs of the Season

Solid collection of holiday pop a capella from the cream of this year's contestants on the harmony heavy reality compiotition The Sing Off. Check out last year's holiday collection here 

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The Sing-Off: Songs Of The Season at


Elf - The Musical

Enjoyable musical comedy take on the elf out of water tale best known  from the Will Ferrell movie of a few years back. Probably even jollier if you've seen the show, which i haven't..

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