Thursday, February 13, 2020

Christmas TV from December 24, 1969 (London, England)

Christmas TV Christmas Eve 1969 - (London, England)

At 1:00 PM BBC1 had The Great Sleigh Robbery (1968)

Couldn’t find the actual cartoon from Czech animator Jannik Hastrup  but I did come across this Story Teller version of the original book by Michael Foreman.

Not to be confused, as Google did,  with 1963’s The Great Toy Robbery, a Canadian animated short with a similar theme set in the old west.

4:50 PM The Private Life of the Robin
No idea how Cristmassy this was. The description, from the Radio Times via the BBC Genome, states
"A Christmas forerunner of the new series Private Lives to be shown next spring
The robin is Britain's most popular bird; it strikes up friendships with humans and nests in the unlikeliest places. At Christmas the redbreast on our greetings cards is a messenger of peace and goodwill, but in reality, it can be a belligerent defender of its back-garden territory."

6:15 PM  also on BBC1, Carols From Kings 

Over on BBC 2 there was a Mantovani concert but no clue if it was Christmassy.

At 9:30 PM ITV/Thames presented Carry on Christmas. This first TV installment of the long running series had the Carry On team tackling a Christmas Carol.

Switching over to 2 at 10.50 PM would have gotten you a concert of carols from the Wandsworth School Choir

11:10 PM: The Spinners at the Phil  Christmas concert from the popular folk act.

ITV, at 11:45, brought out Donald Swann's Christmas Candle. I wonder if it’s at all related to the Two Thousand Years Away special that aired in in the US in 1970 (see 12/24/1970)

My Picks:

Carols From King’s, Carry On Christmas