Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas on Bandcamp

Christmas on bandcamp
A selection of recent-ish holiday albums, EPs and singles you can stream, preview and buy on bandcamp

Julianne Marx and Craig Olson - Midwinter Moon

Ken Webb - Christmas Pony

Mowbray and Mills - All Wrapped Up For Christmas (single)

Holiday Noise: A Christmas Collection

glow in the dark scars - christmas e.p.

Teja Bell - The New Spirit of Christmas

Nathan Granner - A Christmas Carol
"One of Kansas City’s greatest nationally recognized talents, Nathan Granner, performed an adaptation by Greg Oliver Bodine's Charles Dickens’ classic holiday tale, “A Christmas Carol” winter 2009.
The event was set on a stage suspended over water in the middle of a thicket of gnarled trees, a perfect setting for this ghostly tale...
...The adaptation was not your traditional ensemble cast of “A Christmas Carol,” but rather a performed “reading” of the holiday classic with the voices of Scrooge himself as well as most of the cast of characters, including Marley's Ghost, The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present Belle, Bob and Mrs. Cratchitt as well as Scrooge's maid and more!"

Michael Linton / Refiner's Fire  - Christmas Music Cantata No 2

Eaux Autres - Another Christmas at Home E.P..

Once in a Moon - Christmas (Free, and very short, Track)

Jeremy Camp - December (Single)

Rock By the Sea - 12 Bands of Christmas
Rock By The Sea, a Florida not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has partnered with The 12 Bands Of Christmas to release a collection of Christmas songs performed by our family of artists and benefitting our various cancer charities. But this CD goes to 19!!
A wide array of artists, including Sister Hazel, Keith Kane of Vertical Horizon, Tim Warren of Alternate Routes and many more have recorded Christmas songs that run the spectrum; from original compositions to holiday classics to traditional gospel hymns. Other artists contributing tracks include Grand Magnolias (formerly Hightide Blues), Jackson Rohm, Scott Leger of Wideawake, B-Liminal, Christopher Jak and The Heyday, Sarah Mac, Brian Fechino, Sam Thacker, Dirty Shannon, JK & The Lost Boys, Bess Rogers, Gareth Asher, Charlie Walker, Lani Daniels and Michael Tolcher.