Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Why Fidelity 99 - Comin' Up Christmas Time

First posted on this date in 2007 here's the 99th episode of my old podcast Why Fidelity. Each holiday season I dedicated the show to spotlighting some of the amazing out of print and obscure Christmas music shared by the many generous members of the internet Christmas music community. Unavailable for the last couple of years I'm re-sharing them this season on Mixcloud

Why Fidelity 99 - Comin' Up Christmas Time

  1. Jingle Bells - Norman Luboff Choir
  2. Sixty Seven Santas - Quinto Sisters
  3. If You Can Sing A Happy Song (For Christmas) - The Golddiggers
  4. Cancion de Navidad (The Christmas Song) - Hermanos Zavala
  5. Up On Holidays - High-On "Pops" Orchetra & Chorus
  6. Santa Is On His Way - Li'l Wally & The Harmony Boys
  7. Icicles, Holly, Red Berries And Snow - The Caroleers
  8. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - The Living Strings
  9. Oh! Lutefisk - Stan Boreson
  10. Santa's Got A Brand New Bag - The Hollyridge Strings
  11. Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown? - John Barry
  12. A Song and a Christmas Tree (The Twelve Days of Christmas) - Andy Williams
  13. Comin' Up Christmas Time - Hanna-Barbera
  14. Baby, It's Cold Outside - Ken Thorne Orch.
  15. We Wish You A Merry Christmas - The Mike Sammes Singers