Friday, July 15, 2011

Christmas Album of the Day: Jul i Folkton (2005)


Today's album is a perfect Christmas collection for the rest of the year, unless your Swedish I suppose. This wonderful collection of Swedish folk musicians performing beautiful, understated traditional songs sounds just as sweet in the middle of a sweltering July as it does during the chill of winter. And if your anything like me your knowledge of Swedish folk music and grasp of the language is probably on the light side so many of these tracks won't have an instant Christmassy identification for us, just the thing when you want but a hint of the holiday spirit the whole year through.

Jul i Folkton translates to either Christmas Folktones or Christmas in Heavy Metal, depending which service I used - trust me it's Folktones or something similar. Each year Jul i Folkton tours Sweden and they will be out touring again in Dec. 2011. For more info visit Jul i Folkton's Website

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