Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Stuff: Spotify Playlists

Over the years I've used virtually every legal online music source the internet's thrown at me and now that Spotify has officially launched here stateside I'm excited to give it a spin. I've shared links back to various services here in the past (MOG, Napster, Rdio, Yahoo, and the late lamented Lala) to mixed response but I figure the combination of a generous free listening allowance and the massive hype surrounding the launch makes it worth giving Spotify a try.

My first Spotify Playlist covers the Christmas albums I'm reviewing this month and will be updated as new capsule reviews are published, assuming Spotify offers the album being reviewed. (I'll also be adding Spotify links to reviews and songs/albums of the day, when relevant.) Plus I'll be adding new playlists frequently as well as sharing other great playlists as I find them.

Santas Working Overtime's July 2011 Review Playlist (Spotify)