Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Music links, Ogden Nash, Chia Christmas Trees and more...

Kneehuggers.JPG (by paperheartpress)
Kneehuggers (by paperheartpress)

AM, Then FM offers Three under the tree from the rare Verve vinyl Christmas Gospelodium

Guilt Free Pleasures' Holiday Hash Part 1 & Part 2

Ernie (Not Bert) shares Christmas With Ogden Nash

Big Rock Candy Mountain's Drinking Up Christmas on Santa Claus Shufflin' Stagecoach with the Xmas Present Blues again

bongobells spotlights seasonal chuckleheads Bah and the Humbugs

Christmas (as opposed to Bohemian) Rhapsody @ MeFi Music

Anglopunk at Condemned to Rock and Roll hates Christmas, so here's his Christmas Mix

Former Squeeze'r Chris Difford is teaming with the presenters of the BBC's The One Show to release a charity Christmas single - "Let's Not Fight This Christmas" - check out the project's Facebook Page

Glenn Packiam shares his new song "Gloria (Mary's Song)"

X-entertainment lights up The Chia Christmas Tree!