Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Night quickie

Treas- 2 (by senses working overtime)

Happy Thanksgiving
from Dartman's World of Wonder

Tune into Azathoth's Thanksgiving SomethingCast

Lots of stuff at Ernie (not Bert) including re-shares of The Going Thing, The Joy Strings, and the Thanksgiving single Thanksgiving Parade. Got all that already? well Ernie has you covered with a couple of super rare film-strip soundtracks - Squanto And The First Thanksgiving and How We Got Our Christmas Customs plus the way out groovy sounds of The Candy Store's "Turned On Christmas"

Twelve Months of Christmas debut's the Tone King's new podcast "The Phantom Blogger" full of rare Christmas treats.

Check out bongobells 2008 Christmas Sampler