Sunday, September 18, 2011

Holiday Update for 9.18.11


Anything Anything returns to the airwaves!

Rich Russo's indispensable free form radio show makes a welcome return to the NYC scene tonight after a brief period of homelessness following the head scatching format change at it's previous abode WXRP. If you were hanging around here last Christmas you'll remember Rich put on a phenomenal Christmas show, hopefully there will be more rockin' holiday goodness this year now that Anything Anything has settled down at  101.7 - The Peak and WDHA


Kringle's Christmas Classics Library


The Rainbow Book by Mrs. M.H. Spielmann featuring the Christmas tales "The Little Picture Girl", "Father Christmas at Home", and "Christmas at the Court of King Jorum" (Project Gutenberg)


Christmas Album of the Day

Ski Surfin by The Avalanches

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