Monday, September 5, 2011

Kringle's Capsule Reviews: Starshine Singers

Starshine Singers "Not Such a Silent Night", "The Match Girl's Christmas", and "A Little Nativity"

These three, rather short, albums are slightly different from your usual run of kid's holiday fare. Though they feature the expected assortment of cherubic youngsters singing simple tunes to even simpler arrangements these albums are actually little Christmas musical productions meant to be put on by schools and church groups. The discs themselves are essentially rehearsal aides. "Not Such a Silent Night" and "The Match Girl's Christmas" are new for 2011 and feature most of the more memorable songs.

*I found out about these albums (and a lovely collection from Norway's Kirsti Sæter & Jo Ryen that is sure to be a future Album of the Day)  while perusing smacque's useful, and very amusing, series of posts at The Falalalala forum

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Not Such a Silent Night
The Match Girl's Christmas
A Little Nativity

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