Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kringle's Capsule Reviews: Streaming Roundup

Here's a quick review of Christmas music recently added to the streaming services Spotify and/or MOG. Stars are out of 5 and merely a result of snap judgements and my odd taste in music - Your mileage almost certainly will vary.


**** South American Christmas: Es sol claro y luciente | Choral Baroque Orch.
Energetic collection of South American Christmas Music from The Baroque Era
(Spotify) (Amazon)

** Christmas - Our Favourite Time of Year | Proverbs
Inspirational lite vocal jazz. Meh.

NR Christmas Heart to Heart | Mila DeCosta
Solo piano / operatic vocals. I couldn't make it more than a few seconds into any of the songs I sampled. Your mileage may vary so check it out if you'd like..
(Spotify) (MOG)

**1/2 A Christmas Tapestry | Medwyn Goodall
First of a pair of longtime favorites from the astonishingly prolific Medwyn Goodall. Fans of new age lite will find hese albums pleasent aural wallpaper for the holidays.
(Spotify) (MOG)

*** Gifts of Comfort and Joy | Medwyn Goodall
See Above
(Spotify) (MOG

** Christmas Trombones | Tenn.Tech Trombone Choir
A Litle trombone magic goes a long way but if your a band geek you might dig this more than I did. 

** Those Days of Christmas | Various Artists
Collection of needle drops and/or old time radio broadcasts I'm guessing. Good stuff though not presented in particularly high quality. Features Glenn Miller, The Fontaine Sisters, Claude Thornhill, Les Elgart among others.


 **1/2 Baby It's Cold Outside (Single) | Joe Sabolick
Perfectly acceptable version of the holiday standard.
(Spotify) (MOG)

* Christmas Get Down (Single) | Moword
Or not.
(Spotify) (MOG

** Don't Mess with Santa (Single) | Too Much Money
Countified novelty single involving striking reindeer, flying pigs, and a Santa who plays hardball.
(Spotify) (MOG

*1/2 Making Christmas Ours (Single) | Barry L. Chaplin
Again, or not.
(Spotify) (MOG

*1/2 Lollipops and Candycanes (Single) | Barry L. Chaplin
See above