Thursday, October 9, 2008

Christmas on 45 Part 5!

Bonus holiday music goodness from The ToneKing as the Twelve Months of Christmas presents Christmas on 45 Part 5!

Two new Christmas reviews now up at DVD Talk

DVD Talk has reviews of "This Christmas" and "Jack Frost - Remastered Deluxe Edition"

That's the cartoon version of Jack Frost not the creepy family flick with Michael Keaton or the serial killer one. (never thought I'd find myself typing the words "serial killer" on this blog)

festive flickr: Company coming? (by sugarpie honeybunch)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

MY(P)WHAE presents Mistletoes and Cobwebs

Usually Lee at MY(P)WHAE is sharing from his vast collection of rare records but every once in a while he busts out one of his own compositions and shares his delightful performance. This time it's a bit of  a seasonal mash with Mistletoes and Cobwebs.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Quick Links

Animated Toast looks at Roger Ramjet's Twas the Night Before and Christmas Comes to Pac-Land.

There's a new page at the Christmas Specials Wiki on Santa Claus impersonators (characters that have dressed up like the jolly fat man - think the Grinch, Homer and so on)

Lee, over at MY(P)WHAE, has a round-up of the first four terrifying installments of his vintage Halloween music extravaganza!

Netflix Watch Instantly (requires Netflix account)
A Fairy Tale Christmas
Kidnapped by a wicked viceroy and raised by a cruel woodsman, young Princess Angela forgets that her father is king and she nobility. Years later, when she learns that the king is despondent, she resolves to visit him and dance to lift his spirits. Now, with the help of woodland creatures, Angela sets out for the court, but the viceroy and woodsman are bent on stopping her lest she learn the truth about her true, royal identity.


Barcelona (by

XMAS - Beatles - Vee Jay Xmas (by -=- Hul Gil -=-)

festive flickr:(Sat.Eve.Post Coke Ad) Unknown522.jpg (by leifpeng)