Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Christmas TV History 's Christmas TV Party!

Just a quick off season post to give my fellow festives a quick heads up about Christmas TV History's nifty Christmas in July gift to the interweb. Sled on over to Christmas TV History, yuletide telly expert Joanna Wilson's indispensable blog (and handy spot to learn about her amazing series of Christmas TV books), for a month long celebration of holiday boob-tubery.

Earlier this summer a call went out for the web's most Christmassy TV buffs to fill out a brief  holiday viewing themed questionnaire and now each and every day throughout the month of July you'll find a cool new submission from some of the merriest yuletide aficionados anywhere. Check it out now and discover a treasure trove of holiday memories, viewing recommendations and web resources.

Go now! - Christmas TV Party