Thursday, December 23, 2021

Dinsdale's Festive Faves End of Season Roundup


Dinsdale's Festive Faves End of Season Roundup

Here's a link to all eighteen installments

Dinsdale's Festive Faves 

Here are all of the albums, available on Spotify, from this year's collection of Festive Faves. Despite listing over a hundred works in multiple genres this is still just fraction of the wonderful Christmas music I try to listen to, or at least sample, each season. Hopefully my dear readers have found a new favorite or rediscovered a forgotten gem over these past few weeks.

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Dinsdale's Festive Faves Day Eighteen (Soul Christmas, John Denver & the Muppets Amy Grant, Ray Conniff, Glen Campbell, David Rose...)


David Rose and His Orchestra- A Merry Christmas to You (1956)

The Ramsey Lewis Trio ‎– Sound Of Christmas (1961)

Ray Conniff - We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1962)

Sandler and Young - A Wonderful Christmas 

Soul Christmas (1968)

Glen Campbell - That Christmas Feeling (1968)

John  Denver & the Muppets - A Christmas Together (1979)

Amy Grant - A Christmas Album (1983)

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Dinsdale's Festive Faves Day Seventeen (The Glad Singers, Aimee Mann, Rosie Thomas, Sleeping at Last, John Fahey, Low, KPM...)


The Glad Singers - Swing Bells / Christmas with a Beat (1965)

John Fahey - The New Possibility (1968)

KPM Library - the Spirit of Christmas (1976)

Low - Christmas (1999)

Aimee Mann - One More Drifter in the Snow (2006)

Rosie Thomas - A Very Rosie Christmas (2008)

Sleeping At Last - Christmas Collection Vol1. (2017)

Bonus Playlist
Dinsdale's New Christmas Music Picks 2021

Dinsdale's Festive Faves Day Sixteen (The Carpenters, The King's Singers, Sixpence None the Richer, Scrooge, The Sixteen, Christmas Kisses...)


Christmas Kisses

A Capitol Christmas (2016)

Scrooge Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1970)

The Carpenters - Christmas Portrait (1978)

Academy of St Martin in the Field - Christmas with the Academy (1994)

A Tradition Christmas Carol Collection from The Sixteen (2005)

Sixpence None the Richer - The Dawn of Grace (2008)

Christmas Carols with the King’s Singers (2021)

Monday, December 20, 2021

Dinsdale's Festive Faves Day Fifteen (Tennessee Ernie Ford & Roger Wagner Chorale, Hollyridge Strings, Dan Fogelberg, Mindy Smith...)


The Merriest of Christmas Pop (1959)

Tennessee Ernie Ford / Roger Wagner Chorale - The Story of Christmas (1964)

Hollyridge Strings - Christmas Favorites (1965)

Dan Fogelberg - The First Christmas Morning (1999)

Waterson:Carthy - Holy Heathens and Old Green Men (2006)

Mindy Smith - My Holiday (2007)

Chris Standring / Kathrin Shorr - Send Me Some Snow (2011)

Christina Perri - a very merri perri christmas (2012)

Bonus Playlist
Dinsdale's Festive Faves 2021 Playlist
(60 hours and growing)

Friday, December 17, 2021

Yule Logged: Watching and Archiving the Collection (1)

So, this Yule Logged is literally that, a log. I'm just listing every holiday related show I watch and dividing them up into two categories. The first category are shows / movies that I'll keep on my main holiday hard drive (or in the case of physical media my main Christmas bookcase) while the second category are things that will get archived to portable drives and kept for reference / posterity. The idea being that the stuff on the main drive/bookcase I'll be wanting to comeback to in Christmases yet to come, the other stuff, not so much. 

This will likely be the first of many such posts over the next, quite a few I imagine, months. Hopefully this will help me in putting together some "best of" lists for next year.

(Shows on streaming that I don't plan on purchasing I add to a list and hopefully they'll still be available somewhere whenever I get the urge to watch them again.) 

In this post the stuff I'm keeping gets marked with an asterisk. Each list is a single viewing session. If any of the programs listed sound interesting simply give them a google (or better yet a duck duck go) or try Justwatch or Reelgood, many are available online.


  • RiffTrax - Santa Claus' Workshop *
  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol + Disney cartoons (1988 OTA VHS) *
  • Sam and Max - Christmas Bloody Christmas
  • Christmas Cracker (NFBC) (1963)
  • The First Christmas (Rankin Bass) (1975)
  • The Coming of Christ (1960) *
  • Little People - Christmas Fun (1988)
  • Rawhide - Twenty-Five Santa Clauses (1961) *
  • Breakfast with the Arts (A&E) Christmas (200?)

  • Albert & Herbert (Swedish version of Steptoe / Sanford and Son) Advent Series (1981) *
  • Victorian Farm Christmas (2009) *
  • A Christmas Runaround (Brit kid’s show) (1979)
  • Bullseye Christmas (Darts competition) (1983)
  • Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads Christmas Crackers (1974) *
  • Last of the Summer Wine - A Tale of Two Sweaters (2006) *
  • Silent Panic (Dupont Show / Harpo Marx) (1960) *
  • Christmas in Washington (1985) *

  • Andy Williams Christmas 1964 *
  • Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen (2006) *
  • Old Scrooge (1913)
  • Bob Hope Christmas 1965
  • American Dreams - Silent Night (2002)
  • The Singing Christmas Tree (1984)
  • Attitudes Christmas (1989)
  • Beauty and the Beast enchanted Christmas (1997) *
  • Shirley - Visions of Christmas Past (1979) *

Dinsdale's Festive Faves Day Fourteen (Big Bands, Randy Van Horne Singers, Al Hirt, Emmylou Harris, Boston Pops, Leon Redbone, Katie Melua)


Christmas with the Big Bands (From the Sony Vaults) 

Randy Van Horne Singers - Sleighride (1960)

Al Hirt - The Sound of Christmas (1964)

Emmylou Harris - Light of the Stable (1979)

John Williams / Boston Pops - We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1981)

Leon Redbone - Christmas Island (1988)

Katie Melua - In Winter (2016 - extended 2017)

Bonus Compilation
Now That’s What I Call Christmas (2015)

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Dinsdale's Festive Faves Day Thirteen (Jingle Bell Jazz, Garou, Runa, Leroy Anderson, Percy Faith, David Ian...)


 Jingle Bell Jazz (1962)

Percy Faith - Christmas Is… (1966)

The Best Carols in the World… Ever (1998)

A Leroy Anderson Christmas (2004)

David Ian - Vintage Christmas (2011)

Garou - It’s Magic (2014)

Runa - The Tide of Winter (2020)

Bonus Playlist
A Swedish Folk Christmas

Dinsdale's Festive Faves Day Twelve (Seeburg, Christmas Cocktails, Celtic Christmas, Philadelphia Orchestra, Partridge Family, Jackson 5...)

 Seeburg- "The Sound and Color of Christmas." 1960's

Eugene Ormandy / Philadelphia Orchestra - The Glorious Sound of Christmas (1962)

The Jackson 5 Christmas Album (1970)

A Partridge Family Christmas Card (1971)

Celtic Christmas (Windham Hill) (1995)

Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails (1996)

A Chanticleer Christmas (2010)

Bonus Playlist
80’s Christmas


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Dinsdale's Festive Faves Day Eleven (Sting, Oscar Peterson, Bella Hardy, Longines Symphonette, Carolas, Point of Grace, Janet Devlin...)

 "The Sound of Christmas." Brigade records (1957)

"Christmas at the Fireside" Longines Symphonette. 1964

Carolas Jul (1991)

An Oscar Peterson Christmas (1995)

Point of Grace - Winter Wonderland (2005)

Sting - If on a Winter’s Night (2008)

Bella Hardy - Bright Morning Star (2012)

Janet Devlin - Little Lights (2016)

Bonus Playlist
The FaLaLalaLa Great Big Christmas Variety Shuffle

Monday, December 13, 2021

New Christmas Music 2021 (Julia Stone, Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy, Low Key Trampoline, Vitamin String Quartet, Gary Barlow)

A very quick roundup of some new releases that have made it into the rotation this year. No individual reviews - I like them (thought the first two are my favorites). 

Julia Stone - Everything is Christmas

Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy - Midnight Chorus (2021)

Low Key Trampoline - A Low Key Christmas

Vitamin String Quartet - It Feels Like Christmas

Garry Barlow - The Dream of Christmas

Yule Logged: A Very Boy Band Holiday, Baking It, Christmas Chronicles 2, MST3K, RiffTrax, Home to Roost, Steptoe and Son...


A Very Boy Band Holiday

Didn’t expect to like this at all, let alone as much as i did. I mean, it is what it is, but it was still a lot of cheesy fun. I don’t want to oversell this this thing though so I'll just move on…

Bob’s Burgers : Yachty or Nice (2020)

Pretty much the only decent animated show left and they usually do quality holiday episodes. This isn’t the best of the bunch though. It’s okay.

Baking It (2021)


Michael BublĂ©:  Christmas in the City

Meh, but not terrible. If your a fan I’m sure its great. I’m not a fan.

Elf:  Buddy’s Musical Adventure

Why did they make this. Never mind, I know…IP exploitation for easy money. Unnecessary by definition, it’s just a remake of the film but lesser in every way imaginable. The animation’s quite nice but that's bout it.

Josh Gates Tonight  Merry Josh-mas

Seasonal episode of Josh’s talk show. It’s good, as one would expect.

The Christmas Chronicles II (2020)

The first one was fairly good, this one was fairly crap, No, really crap.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 : The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

From the Crowdfunded / Netflix reboot that is sadly just an overthought, overwritten, under funny shadow of the original (and its spiritual successor RiffTrax.

The invention exchange, always hit and miss, is a miss but the riffing is, for the reboot, pretty good. The film being riffed, an Italian fantasy wherein Santa is facing foreclosure from the evil new owner of the North Pole, isn’t nearly as bad as the usual fare but is odd enough to provide decent riffing fodder. Heck, it’s a better film than CCII.

RiffTrax : He Sees You When Your Sleeping

A festive flick from the distaff side of RiffTrax. There are no host segments or skits in a RiffTrax joint, just pure riffing goodness. Bridget and Mary Jo are IMO the second-best riffing crew out there, just nudging ahead of The Mads but trailing behind Mike, Kevin and Bill  (no shame in that).

The Goes Wrong Show - The Spirit of Christmas / Nativity

From stage to small screen specials to small screen series the Mischief Theatre’s  “Goes Wrong” universe wherein an incompetent theater troupe makes frequent appearances on the BBC is, for me, one of the funniest comedies in ages. These two Christmas themed episodes, one from each of the two series thus far, aren’t the absolute best the show has to offer but they’re still both quite good - so much better than 99% of rest of the field in comedy today.

If you’re unfamiliar with the GoesWrongverse track down their first two specials featuring benighted productions of Peter Pan and, rather apropos for us, A Christmas Carol where they literally take over a Beeb production of Dicken’s holiday classic by force. 

Home to Roost - Family Ties (1987)

Excellent holiday episode of John “Inspector Morse” Thaw’s "divorced dad lumbered with adult kids" sitcom

Steptoe and Son The Party 1973

Terrific episode with the bonus of Are You Being Served’s Frank Thornton as a snooty travel agent.

Xmas Turkey on the Telly (2007)

Festive, food themed, clip show,.tending towards the edgy, much of which hasn’t aged all that well. Disappointing.

Santa’s Toyland 1984 Grand Forks, ND

Christmas kids chaos and cartoons.

Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra Christmas (1984)

More kid’s Christmas chaos of a more refined cacophonic variety. Charming for its lack of polish and professionalism.

Gary Moore Christmas 1959

Yet Moore Christmas chaos with this wonderful vintage variety show.

Dinsdale's Festive Faves Day Ten (Jo Stafford, The Golddiggers, George Winston, Kathryn Williams/Carol Ann Duffy, Burl Ives...)


Jo Stafford - Joyful Season (1964)

Leonard Bernstein - The Joy of Christmas (1960)

Burl Ives - Have A Holly Jolly Christmas (1965)

The Norman Luboff Choir - The Night Before Christmas (1968)

The Golddiggers – We Need A Little Christmas (1969)

George Winston - December (1982)

Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy - Midnight Chorus (2021)

The first 2021 release to go straight into heavy rotation in the Kringleverse…

Bonus Compilation - Merry Christmas (2005)