Thursday, June 11, 2020

Christmassy Film Ads of 1970

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the newspaper, every film showing in theaters was pandering to movie goers in a festive frame of mind. (Sorry couldn't think of a rhyme.) Of all the flicks touted as perfect Christmas fare only one of them was an actual holiday picture.

I realize this is just marketing 101 and the vast majority of patrons knew there weren't actually Christmas films, I just found the ads amusing and they got me thinking about an alternate universe where all of them were Yuletide themed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Christmas TV - December 18-21, 1961 (USA / UK)

Monday, Dec 18, 1961

Monday's sole holiday offering was “Christmas Memory”,  from the Robert Young led, single season,  dramedy series Window on Main Street.  

Tuesday, Dec 19, 1961

Tuesday the 19th was a tremendous night for holiday fare.

Things actually started off in the afternoon as Art Linkletter presented highlights of his “Trip tho the Holy Land”.

At 8:00 PM (Eastern) Bachelor Father presented “Deck the Halls

A quick flick of the channel at 8:30 PM for the (now) classic “Have Reindeer, Will Travel” episode of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

At 9:00 PM Red Skelton brought his comedic touch to holiday with his annual Christmas show. "Freddie and the Yuletide Doll” featuring, you guessed it, Freddie the Freeloader.

There was no need to change the channel after Red because the evenings high point was coming right up. The Garry Moore Show went all festive with guests Julie Andrews and Gwen Verdon joining regulars Durwood Kirby and Carol Burnett.

Wednesday, Dec 20th, 1961

The New Steve Allen Show held it’s Christmas Open House with a plethora of guests including The Smothers Brothers, Tim Conway (back when he was still Tom Conway), and Buck Henry.

Next up was a rerun of the classic 1956 Father Knows Best episode “The Angel’s Sweater”

NBC offered another classic rerun -  Project 20’s “The Coming of Christ” which The New York Times hailed as 
“ a work of permanence, a program of exceptional beauty and reverence that will rank as one of television's lasting accomplishments.”

Perry Como celebrated the season with Tom Tichenor’s Marionettes.

Finally, Bob Newhart, in the first of his many eponymous series, gave his buttoned-down take on the Christmas

Over in the UK the afternoon weekly Wednesday Magazine offered

"Carols in Salisbury Cathedral,  Lights in London Music of the Masters family.

Three Homeless Animals in search of new owners.

and Harry Dickens on past and present Dickensian Christmases"
The Sky at Night offered advice on what to do with any telescopes that might find their way under the Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 21st, 1961

In Philadelphia, the annual tradition of airing The Mabel Beaton Marionette’s “The Spirit of Christmas” continued.

“The Girl in the Emporium”, Ozzie and Harriet’s holiday episode from the previous year was  rerun.

The Real McCoys and Doctor Kildare squared off with dueling Christmas episodes.

An hour later “Hazel’s Christmas Shopping" had the genre all to its self.

After Hazel, it was time to Sing Along with Mitch

In England the BBC aired Perspective on Toys and Toymakers in the morning
"Some aspects of the toy world surveyed.
Including Film of Sam Smith, toymaker for grown-ups, and Yootha Rose, toymaker for children.
and A discussion on the present and future trends of toys."
and the film Choirboys Unite! (Of which there was an appeal to reunite the original cast members a couple of years ago)

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