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Festive Tidbits - December 1982

Festive Tidbits December 1982

Sources include: Fort Worth Star Telegram, Youtube

Friday, April 3, 2020

Christmas TV - December 18 &19, 1982 (Perry, Solid Gold, Different Strokes, Silver Spoons, Love Boat, Voyagers and more)

Saturday, Dec 18, 1982

In a couple of my previous 1970’s posts, (‘74, ‘79) CBS paired Twas the Night Before Christmas with Frosty the Snowman but in 1982 they replaced Frosty with The Grinch.

If you were Grinch’d out you could have flipped channels to NBC for a special holiday episode of Different Strokes ("Santa's Helper")...

more info at Christmas TV History

...followed by another Christmas theme sitcom episode from  Silver Spoons.

The teens in the house might have preferred tuning into Sold Golds Christmas special.

The Love Boat sailed into festive waters in "The Christmas Presence"

the old guard is represented by Perry Como’s Christmas in Paris

On Cable, movies included The Gathering on Cinemax and Scrooge on Superstation WOR

If you woke up nice and early, or set your VCR, you could have checked out Rich Little’s A Christmas Carol on HBO

TBS aired its Second Annual Turner Family Holiday Gathering


A filmed version of Ira David Wood’s annual production of A Christmas Carol aired in PA,

The Christmas Legend of Nashville, a variety special hosted by Pat Boone and Dottie West aired in at least a couple of markets.

Sunday Dec. 19 1982

Short lived sci-fi time travel series Voyagers! offered a Christmas episode "Merry Christmas, Bogg"

All in the Family spin off Gloria, also short lived, had a holiday episode, "Miracle at Fox Ridge", as well...

Depending on your market Sunday might have been your night to groove along with Solid Gold.


Sunday morning HBO offered Emmet Otters’ Jug Band Christmas


In PA you could have watched  1974's Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus

...The Littlest Angel….

... and the TV movie version of the Grizzly Adams Christmas episode One Upon a Starry Night

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