Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holiday Update for 9.29.11


Christmas Album of the Day
A Winter Symphony by Sarah Brightman

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holiday Update for 9.28.11

Christmas @ Kickstarter


Christmas Album of the Day

Music From The Happy Elf by the Harry Connick Jr.Trio
(Includes a Happy Elf read along narrated by Harry Connick Jr)

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Bonus Christmas E.P. of the Day

On A Silent Night by 8mm

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Christmas Album of the Day: …To All Of You by Malene Mortensen

Christmas Album of the Day

…To All Of You by Malene Mortensen

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Holiday Update for 9.26.11

Christmas @ Kickstarter



Christmas Song of the Day

Christmas Angel by The Musical Weatherman

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Videos of the Day - Chucklewood Critters

A pair of seasonal episodes of Chucklewood Critters...

Christmas Albums of the Day (9.24.11)

Christmas Albums of the Day

I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas
 featuring Au Revoir Simone, Sally Shapiro, My Brightest Diamond, Figurine and more...

A Holiday Benefit Vol 4
 featuring Rachel Platten, Zack and Sarah, Casey Shea, and more...

Friday, September 23, 2011

YouTube Thanksgiving & Christmas Shows update for 9.23.11 (Hillbillies, AMC, Sabrina, Lucy)

The Nativity Factor (UK Christmas video competition)

Welcome to The Nativity Factor
One story. Thousands of storytellers.
This is your chance to win up to £5,000 by telling the story of the Nativity in the most creative way possible. Just grab a camera and upload your video for your chance to win a cash prize and see your video promoted around the world.
Judges include Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child and Julie Etchingham from ITV's News at Ten.

Key dates:
  • September 10, 2011: Start of the competitions
  • December 2, 2011 (Midnight): Final submission. Any entries received after this date will not be entered into the competitions.
  • December 3 - December 7, 2011 (Midnight): Public poll to select short-list for judging panel
  • December 14, 2011: Judging panel announces the winners

Santa's Snowmen / The Happy Crickets

A pair of slightly painful Chipmunks inspired novelty tunes courtesy of Youtube user flotsambay.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moonlight in Vermont Spotify Playlst

84 tracks - Five or so hours of nothing but the multi-seasonal standard by John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf 
Find out more about Moonlight in Vermont @ Wikipedia

Bamburger's Toys for Christmas: Gary Moore (1953) & Wonderama (1957) (tvdays / Youtube)

Holiday Update for 9.22.11




(Yesterday's) Christmas Album of the Day

Christmas Jollies Vol. 1 & 2 by The Salsoul Orchestra

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(Today's) Christmas Album of the Day

A New Old Fashioned Christmas by The Trekky Yuletide Orchestra

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Christmas Update for 9.20.11


Christmas Album of the Day

My Kind of Christmas by Dean Martin
2011 re-issue featuring new duet with Scarlet Johansson

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  • Kick Off the Holiday Season With Two All-New Animated Specials This Thanksgiving on FOX - "Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas" and "Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown" to Premiere Thursday, November 24 Press Release @ The Futon Critic
  • Love Fruitcake? Start Your Fruit Mix Now @ the kitchn

Christmas with Mary-Kate & Ashley & The Babysitter's Club

Monday, September 19, 2011

Holiday Update for 9.19.11

Christmas Song  of the Day

My Favourite Time of Year - The Florin Street Band



Christmas Album of the Day
A Neighborly Christmas by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

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YouTube Christmas Shows update for 9.19.11

Sunday, September 18, 2011

1950's Christmas (YouTube)





Holiday Update for 9.18.11


Anything Anything returns to the airwaves!

Rich Russo's indispensable free form radio show makes a welcome return to the NYC scene tonight after a brief period of homelessness following the head scatching format change at it's previous abode WXRP. If you were hanging around here last Christmas you'll remember Rich put on a phenomenal Christmas show, hopefully there will be more rockin' holiday goodness this year now that Anything Anything has settled down at  101.7 - The Peak and WDHA


Kringle's Christmas Classics Library


The Rainbow Book by Mrs. M.H. Spielmann featuring the Christmas tales "The Little Picture Girl", "Father Christmas at Home", and "Christmas at the Court of King Jorum" (Project Gutenberg)


Christmas Album of the Day

Ski Surfin by The Avalanches

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Holiday Update for 9.16.11


Christmas @ Kickstarter

Far From Idol Christmas 2011 Album

Christmas Album of the Day

Joy to the World by Pink Martini

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Christmas Update for 9.15.11


Christmas Album of the (yester)Day

Snowfall by David Arkenstone

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Christmas Album of the (to)Day

The Christmas Attic by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christmas Update for 9.13.11

Things Go Better With Coke
By What Makes The Pie Shops Tick?


(mostly) Christmas Album of the Day

Celtic Woman Presents: Walking In The Air by Chloe Agnew

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Holiday Update for 9.12.11

Christmas @ Kickstarter




Christmas Album of the Day

Ally McBeal A Very Ally Christmas featuring Vonda Shepard

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Christmas Update for 9.9.11

  • Holiday Music Superstars Mannheim Steamroller, American Idol Star David Archuleta Headline PANDORA Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice (Press Release @ MarketWatch)
  • Scarlett Johansson sings with Dino @ USA Today
  • Wonderful Weiland @ Stubby's House of Christmas
  • Colt Ford & Joe Nichols Join 10th Annual Charlie Daniels Christmas 4 Kids @ MNN


Christmas Album of the Day

Personal Christmas Collection by Doris Day

Listen @ Spotify

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holiday Update for 9.8.11


The Christmas verslibre


Free MP3 @ Bandcamp


Christmas Album of the Day

Christmas Angel by Emily Richards

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holiday Update for 9.7.11

Christmas @ Kickstarter

Kyle Dillingham's First Christmas Album

Christmas Album of the Day

Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kringle's Capsule Reviews: Streaming Roundup

Here's a quick review of Christmas music recently added to the streaming services Spotify and/or MOG. Stars are out of 5 and merely a result of snap judgements and my odd taste in music - Your mileage almost certainly will vary.


**** South American Christmas: Es sol claro y luciente | Choral Baroque Orch.
Energetic collection of South American Christmas Music from The Baroque Era
(Spotify) (Amazon)

** Christmas - Our Favourite Time of Year | Proverbs
Inspirational lite vocal jazz. Meh.

NR Christmas Heart to Heart | Mila DeCosta
Solo piano / operatic vocals. I couldn't make it more than a few seconds into any of the songs I sampled. Your mileage may vary so check it out if you'd like..
(Spotify) (MOG)

**1/2 A Christmas Tapestry | Medwyn Goodall
First of a pair of longtime favorites from the astonishingly prolific Medwyn Goodall. Fans of new age lite will find hese albums pleasent aural wallpaper for the holidays.
(Spotify) (MOG)

*** Gifts of Comfort and Joy | Medwyn Goodall
See Above
(Spotify) (MOG

** Christmas Trombones | Tenn.Tech Trombone Choir
A Litle trombone magic goes a long way but if your a band geek you might dig this more than I did. 

** Those Days of Christmas | Various Artists
Collection of needle drops and/or old time radio broadcasts I'm guessing. Good stuff though not presented in particularly high quality. Features Glenn Miller, The Fontaine Sisters, Claude Thornhill, Les Elgart among others.


 **1/2 Baby It's Cold Outside (Single) | Joe Sabolick
Perfectly acceptable version of the holiday standard.
(Spotify) (MOG)

* Christmas Get Down (Single) | Moword
Or not.
(Spotify) (MOG

** Don't Mess with Santa (Single) | Too Much Money
Countified novelty single involving striking reindeer, flying pigs, and a Santa who plays hardball.
(Spotify) (MOG

*1/2 Making Christmas Ours (Single) | Barry L. Chaplin
Again, or not.
(Spotify) (MOG

*1/2 Lollipops and Candycanes (Single) | Barry L. Chaplin
See above

Holiday Update for 9.6.11

"Genre in the Mainstream: Time Travel Yes. Spaceship? No." @
"With this in mind, Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol represents two kinds of time travel as it features ghosts who drag a person into the past and into the future. Though Scrooge can’t actually effect the past Marty McFly style, the act of time traveling in his own timestream does alter his present, and in turn, create an alternate reality from the one depicted by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. (One of the reasons why the Doctor Who episode “A Christmas Carol” works so well is because writer Steven Moffat essentially kept this thematic constraint the same.)"

Christmas Album of the Day
The Silent Stars by Alli Rogers
*One of my favorite holiday releases from 2009, lovely stuff.

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Christmas Video of the Day

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kringle's Capsule Reviews: Starshine Singers

Starshine Singers "Not Such a Silent Night", "The Match Girl's Christmas", and "A Little Nativity"

These three, rather short, albums are slightly different from your usual run of kid's holiday fare. Though they feature the expected assortment of cherubic youngsters singing simple tunes to even simpler arrangements these albums are actually little Christmas musical productions meant to be put on by schools and church groups. The discs themselves are essentially rehearsal aides. "Not Such a Silent Night" and "The Match Girl's Christmas" are new for 2011 and feature most of the more memorable songs.

*I found out about these albums (and a lovely collection from Norway's Kirsti Sæter & Jo Ryen that is sure to be a future Album of the Day)  while perusing smacque's useful, and very amusing, series of posts at The Falalalala forum

Listen on Spotify

Not Such a Silent Night
The Match Girl's Christmas
A Little Nativity

Visit Starshine Music

Holiday Update for 9.5.11


Wine Cork Stamp Rosh HaShana Cards @ Creative Jewish Mom

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake Recipe @ A Beautiful Mess


Christmas Album of the Day

Christmas Time is Here by Dan Gottshall with Miriam Kaul

Listen on Spotify


Christmas Video of the Day

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holiday Update for 9.4.11

Christmas Album of the Day
Christmas in the City by The Stephen Kummer Trio

Christmas Album of the Day Playlists
Full (180 tracks / 11 hours)
Sampler (30 tracks / 1 hour)
Full (283 tracks /  15 hours)
Sampler (39 tracks / 2 hours)
Full (work in progress)
Sampler (work in progress)

Christmas @ Bandcamp

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Christmas Update for 9.3.11


What a week it's been. First Hurricane Irene tuns my basement into Kringle's Pond and now comes news that The King of Jingaling himself is taking a holiday hiatus from Falalalala. Hopefully he'll come back soon, fully recharged and as merry as ever but whatever happens I can't thank him enough for all he's given to the Christmas sharity community through both his amazing shares of rare and wonderful music and for maintining the very best holiday music forum on all the intertubes.

One Pretty Thing's Fall craft roundup

Lots of Printables, including Fall themes @ Tatertots and Jello

Fairbanks' Santa Claus House gift shop @ Gorillas Don't Blog


Christmas Album of the Day

Just in Time for Christmas by Nancy LaMott

Listen @ Spotify


Friday, September 2, 2011

Christmas (and stuff) Extra for 9.2.11

Tip Top Comics 008

  • VCI Entertainment is releasing the cult holiday classic "Santa Claus" (well known to MST3K fans) in a deluxe Blu-Ray collector's edition featuring the original spanish language version, the K. Gordon Murray English dubbed version, and a commentary by KGM expert Daniel Griffith (via bgart13.thelatarniaforums / CHFB )
  • Black Christmas @ Awkward Family Photos
  • Retailers get into the Christmas spirit … in summer @ The Guardian

Christmas (and Fall) Update for 9.2.11

Fall highlights from the decorated cookie's archive

Stubby's House of Christmas on the upcoming Jackie Evancho Christmas disc

Song of the Day
Angels in the Snow by Sam Duckworth

Christmas Album of the Day
Christmas Classics
3 disc set featuring a platter each from Eamonn Muhall (2005's Boy Soprano Christmas), Naomi O'Connell (2002's Christmas with Naomi) and The Caroleers 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Christmas (and Fall) Update for 9.1.11


Christmas @ Kickstarter

Fall Leaves with Ice Cream @ A Cup of Sparkle

Craft Roundups from One Pretty Thing: Fall, Halloween 

(for much more Halloween spookiness visit my other holiday blog Prof. Ravensdeath's Monster Rally)

Justin Bieber's Christmas Album To Feature 'All Originals' @ MTV


Christmas Album of the Day

A Perfect Christmas by Jane Norman

Listen @ Spotify

Preview / Buy "A Perfect Christmas" at