Monday, December 21, 2009

a chilly blast of wintery links...

Line Material 1943 FC d (by senses working overtime)

The 2009 Tuna Melt Christmas Mix

Funky Santa Train @ Big Rock Candy Mountain

Frank Pellico - A Spirited Christmas
@ A Christmas Yuleblog

Jeannie Conroy Sings Christmas
@ Dartman's World of Wonder

The Twenty-First Day of Mellowmas: Celebrate the Love!

Günter Kallman - Christmas Sing In and The strings of Paris - Romantic christmas strings (1988) @ Lounge Legends

A Merry Geoffrey Christmas
@ wonderful wonderblog

A Merry Teresa Brewer's Christmas
@ Collector's Treasure Vaults


Corners of the World: Christmas in Many Languages
@ Oliver di Place

via Cool-Mo-Dee

Twinkle by Nina Hynes and Christmas on the Beach by Irene @ Indie Music DB

iChristmas Tunes Extravaganza! @ Sell the Lie

Level 42: All I Want For Christmas Is You
@ Paul's Ramblings

Feel Bad For Santa
@ My Aimz is True

Out on Blue Six Advent Calendar Day 20: Make A Daft Noise For Christmas and Day 21: (Ho Ho Ho) Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas?

Christmas Short Works Collection 2009

Christmas Specials From the Past
@ Ultra Swank

The Jerry Lewis/Batman Christmas Special @ Easily Mused

Christmas with The Addams Family @ Celluloid Slammer

The Specials Santa Forgot @ Friday Night Fries

Spirit of Christmas, "The Nativity"
@ Me and You and a Blog Named Boo

Classic Television Showbiz

Susan Slept Here (1954) @ Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

Sort-of Edible Christmas Trees: Alinea's Tempura-Fried Goose on Juniper Sprigs
@ Serious Eats

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) Menus
@ Out of the Past

Norman Rockwell
and The Return of A Christmas Carol @ GACBS

"Webbing In a Winter Wonderland!" with Spidey and Ice Man @ Diversions of the Groovy Kind

Mary Jane and Sniffles in  "The Restless Reindeer" @ The Big Blog of Kid's Comics

6 Great Christmas Comic Book Adventures
@ Mental Floss

Give the Lady what She Wants Most for Xmas: Home Appliances!
and Astro-Santa in the Space Age @ Retrospace

Some Random Christmas Cheesecake
@ Sugar and Spice

Christmas 1964
@ Viewliner

Some Seasonal Ephemera
@ The Ward-O-Matic

Santa Takes A Break
@ Kitchen Retro

Clearly Vintage : Holiday Image Countdown Day 21

Free Christmas Stock Photos @ Smashing

Free Christmas Clip Art - Santa in Snow @ The Graphics Fairy

Christmas in Japan @ Tokyo Kawaii