Friday, December 2, 2022

Season's Reading: Traditional Home Christmas 2001


Christmas 2001. Here in NYC it was, to state the blindingly obvious, different. But, looking back now at that year's crop of holiday magazines there's a reassuring level of normalcy, due, no doubt, many issues having been put to bed months earlier. There are a surprisingly small number of Christmassy ads though, but I imagine that's just a coincidence.

(Please pardon the quality of the scans, I'm in the midst of moving house and both my flatbed scanner and Printer/Scanner are packed away at the moment.)

The issue is made up of the usual array of well turned out homes of the well off and tradition interior design inclined. 

I remember being quite the Smith & Hawken fan back in the day. I'd absolutely forgotten that they'd become corporate compost back in 2009.

My daughter went through a Swarovski phase when she was little, luckily she preferred the relatively less expensive little animal figurines and had doting Grandmothers to help her build her collection. I think we have a couple of the annual ornaments around somewhere, or perhaps she has them at her house. Not sure if we ever got the 2001. 

Another victim, I assume, of the 2008 financial crisis, Home Depot's fancier sister chain EXPO Design Centers went the way of Smith & Hawken the same year of our lord 2009.

I'm not much of an interior design guy, so when browsing Home mags I usually forward to the token food article they usually have. The very brief foodie feature in this issue finds legendary
 Chef Lydia Bastianich creating a menu of antipasto for the holidays.

A couple of, less refined, but likely quite nummy,  recipes came courtesy of a GladWare advertisement

An ad for that year's Christmas Revels, which are always a delight and which I unfortunately didn't make the trek to see in 2001.

I'll close things out with the only non-Christmas ad I found at all interesting, from Ikea.